WiFi Networking - Outdoor

Outdoor WiFi large open networks can become unmanageable quickly. Choosing the right equipment and understanding the technology is the key to success. Combining bridges and Access Points to build out the optimal network is what we do.

Network and Firewalling - ZeroShell

Expensive firewalls are a thing of the past. Now you can use off-the-shelf or reconditioned hardware to assemble a powerful multiport linux firewall using ZeroShell. For the Linux geek ZeroShell is an easy platform to use taking advantage of every technology you could possible need by providing a nice Web based GUI for management of Linux based services.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

The The base2co CMS lets you make the simple changes to get your site ranked well. Designed on the News Feed (blog) model any page can easily be connected to your favorite social network. Global and Local optimization strategies combined with Google Adwords campaign management make base2co the simple choice.

AdWords Management

Let us handle your Google Adwords and Analytics management. Let us dig through Analytics reports, develop strategies and get quality results for your Ads.

• Maximize your Ad Position

• Minimize your cost per click

• Get in front of your customers more!

We have been using AdWords, Analytics to plan and get results for our customers for over 4 years. Check out our news page for the latest success stories.

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